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August 20, 2021

America Will Be was created in the midst of the global pandemic of 2020. As many people began a new way of life sequestered in their homes, attention and awareness of our surroundings became heightened. For many, some of the issues around inequality and injustice in the United States were placed in a global spotlight. As the world paused, we were forced to reconsider the America that we had been taught and look at the America we have been for too many. Black Lives Matter, the criminal justice system, immigration, climate change, LGBTQ rights, mental health were some of the many topics that rose to a new consciousness. 

The music on America Will Be looks to speak directly to the injustices that have yet to be labeled. As Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stated: “There comes a time when silence is betrayal.”  America Will Be speaks to issues that have been quieted in our attempt to portray the United States as a beacon of opportunity. In styles as diverse as the topics, this music brings voice to the most vulnerable – to lift them up, to reflect on the reality of our society, and to sing about peace and unity. Through our song, we look toward a more perfect union for ourselves and future generations.


1. Declaration (Alexander Lloyd Blake and Joseph Trapanese)
2. 1232 Lyfe (Alexander Lloyd Blake)
3. in this house (Cristian Larios)
4. Tulips (Shawn Kirchner/Sylvia Plath)
5. Bridge Over Troubled Water (Paul Simon, arr. Nathan Heldman)
6. New Collective Consciousness – I. We Know (Joseph Trapanese/Andri Snær Magnason)
7. New Collective Consciousness – II. How Dare You (Joseph Trapanese/Greta Thunberg)
8. Build Me Up (feat. Roman GianArthur) (Roman GianArthur)
9. Little Rose (Shawn Kirchner)
10. A Change Is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke, arr. Tehillah Alphonso)
11. No, Child. No Child. (Alex Wurman)
12. America Will Be! (Joel Thompson/Langston Hughes, Emma Lazarus, and students of Freedom High School Chorus – Orlando, FL)
13. “#UnitedWeDream” from American DREAMers (Melissa Dunphy/Claudia D. Hernández)


Conductor: Alexander Lloyd Blake
Vocalists: Tehillah Alphonso, Saunder Choi, Adam Faruqi, Gregory Fletcher, Katharina Haberl, Jyvonne Haskin, Todd Honeycutt*, Jarrett Johnson, Jen Haydn Jones, Aaron Jung, Gaayatri Kaundinya, Arie Lugo, Vera Lugo, David Morales, Gracie Laboy, Ben Lin, Ian Gabriel Luna, Sara Mann, Tonoccus McClain, Caroline McKenzie, Amanda Mello, Michael Miersma, Anthony Moreno, Molly Pease, Hannah Penzner, Meredith Pyle, Christopher Roney, Malek Sammour, Jaquain Sloan, Valerie Tambaoan, Becca Tomasko, Chloe Vaught, Greg Whipple

Produced by: Alexander Lloyd Blake, Jett Galindo, Joseph Trapanese
Engineered by: Jett Galindo, Joseph Trapanese. (Track 12: Ryan Jones, Jett Galindo, Joseph Trapanese)
Mastering engineer: Jett Galindo
Artwork: Nicole Vettraino

©Ⓟ2021 Tonality and Aerocade Music.



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