unafraid to talk about mental health so that more people seek treatment.

Sylvia Plath’s poem, written during a brief stay in a hospital after an appendectomy, is passionately brought to life in Kirchner’s composition. Beautifully set in a contemporary singer-songwriter fashion, the soloist and ensemble’s interactions portray the peaceful vision of flowers against her strong desire to resist any reminders of liveliness.

Join us as we chat with Dr. Marquita Stokes, clinical psychologist, on the importance of maintaining one’s mental health. Dr. Stokes also speaks to the issues around the stigma around the subject and the challenges for certain populations to find adequate representation of therapists reflecting their culture/identity.

Artistic Director Alexander Lloyd Blake sits down with Jacob Moore, writer, speaker and founder of NoStigmas.

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National Deaf Therapy was built on the foundations of reframing the mental health experience, through proper engagements and valuable interactions. The prime objective is to eradicate mental health stigma and thus helping the deaf community gain awareness , facilitate personal growth and build trustworthy relationships.

The mission of NoStigmas is to raise awareness and erase the stigmas about suicide and mental illness by educating the general public about mental health, helping those affected by mental illness, and sharing inspiring stories of hope. We aim to aid the growth of this understanding and foster a community environment in which individuals with mental illness are able seek treatment with the support of those near to them.

The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation’s vision is to eradicate the stigma around mental health issues in the African-American community. Their mission is to provide support and bring awareness to mental health issues that plague our community.