Tonality Music Video Fundraiser


Tonality Fundraiser with Planned Parenthood Los Angeles

“Music can get through to your heart, which is very different than your head. Both can work together beautifully. If you can get into someone’s heart first then they can become open to hearing your experience, feeling your experience, empathizing with it, and wanting to get back in there to help with you.”

-Stefanie Moore, soprano (Tonality, Conspirare)

Tonality is collaborating with Planned Parenthood LA to create a brand new music video, sharing a new perspective on an important and frequently discussed topic. Centered around a woman having an abortion, Dr. Zanaida Robles’ “Lady in Blue” is a haunting work; focusing on the unique challenges women face, especially women of color. 20% of the proceeds raised for this project will be donated to Planned Parenthood Los Angeles.