The Leadership Workshop is our first education initiative to combat systemic racism in the choral community and give a new generation of diverse musicians the keys to be equitable choral leaders.

This two hour virtual seminar on Saturday, April 17, 2021, will focus on bringing together choral leaders for diversity, equity and inclusion guidance and training within the choral community. This unified message from Tonality draws attention toward conversations around theĀ Black Voices Matter Pledge, created by Tonality founding members Alexander Blake and Dr. Zanaida Robles, and how to respect other cultures in a choral setting.

All members of the choral family are invited to participate, including but not limited to music educators, conductors, audition panelists, composers, administrators, singers and arts leaders. Through both large and small group discussion, participants will experience courageous conversations around specific scenarios that are prominent in the choral community. In addition to the education itself, participants will be pointed to resources and institutions for choral leaders and guidance to where they should look for these kinds of resources in the future.

To ensure an intimate and personal learning environment, the workshop currently has a capacity of 30 participants, with enrollment at $110 per person. If you find that your commitment to this work is hindered by financial means, Tonality offers partial and full scholarships for those that inquire. Participants can make a tax-deductible donation at checkout and contribute toward this scholarship fund so that others may have access to the virtual event.

Tonality hopes that participants will feel motivated to prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion in their programming, auditions and overall practices, so that the professional choral voice world can truly represent the diversity of the Los Angeles Metropolitan area.

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