A Note From the Artistic Director

One morning in Asheville, NC, I was approached by a police officer while on my way to retrieve some things from my car. The officer stopped and questioned me, and he asked for my identification. After he dismissed me, I was left confused and embarrassed, and I struggled to figure out the reason why I was approached by the officer. I did not do anything wrong. It became obvious to me that it was because I am a man of color.
This type of incident occurs far too often in our society, and it has to stop. Based on that experience, I knew that I needed to do something. No more racism, no more exclusion, no more discrimination. I decided to do what I do best: make music. I decided to form a choir whose purpose is to increase awareness through music, and this past June, I founded Tonality. After meeting every member of Tonality, I realized that I was not alone, that many others possess a passion for unity, for bringing people together.
Since its formation a short time ago, Tonality has received support from artists who also value diversity through their music. India Carney from U.S. Season 8 of The Voice says, “Tonality is going to broaden horizons for music and show a diverse array of faces for classical music as we know it.” Grant Gershon, Artistic Director of the Los Angeles Master Chorale, states, “Choral singing is about sharing our voices, our traditions, and our experiences. Tonality has the potential to bring the amazingly diverse voices, traditions, and experiences of Los Angelenos together in a powerful new way.”
Tonality, now a diverse ensemble of 25 singers, was established on June 6, 2016. The singers come from a variety of backgrounds, ethnicities and countries. They are professional singers in Los Angeles who care about the future of our country and our world, and we sing in unity to actively demonstrate the beauty of diversity.
You will find that Stories of Home is not your typical holiday event. Our celebration of the Christmas season involves a look at the lessons that the Nativity story can teach us. Lessons of displacement, homelessness, asylum, and the power of radical hospitality highlighted in the famous story help to bring us closer to the struggles of so many in our local, national, and global communities.

Home is not just a physical place. It is comfort, support, acceptance.

We have the power to be home for those in our community, and we hope you can join us in our event to share in this experience together.
— Alexander Lloyd Blake
Founding Artistic Director, Tonality