a choral spectrum


a choral spectrum

Tonality promotes peace, unity and social justice through choral music performance in Los Angeles


March 24 | 7:00pm

Tonality sings of the labels placed on those with mental illness.  These fellow community members, treated as “different” reflect on our shame and feelings of misunderstanding.  This concert speaks through the eyes of poets and artists who have dealt or deal with mental illness issues.

"Sing About It" is Here!

Tonality is excited to announce the release of it’s debut album, “Sing About It”, releasing on February 1st. Purchase your physical or digital album on Amazon, iTunes or CD Baby.
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"Sing About It" single, Now Available!

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Tonality is a new choral group founded in June 2016 by Alex Blake with the intention of connecting people with our shared humanity through song. Diverse in background, age, and professions, members from the Greater Los Angeles Area gather for several unique performances a year in a variety of venues to provide access to arts and culture to all people in all walks of life. Established with the idea that we are all one people, Tonality performs a variety of pieces in various languages and musical styles in an effort to unify our community through social outreach and serve as a beacon of peace and understanding.

See Tonality Live in Concert

Join us for an amazing concert season where we will continue to explore the place gun violence has taken in our society, our political and democratic processes, and mental illness through song and performance. We hope you will come and be a part of these amazing experiences!

” Skillfully conducted by Alexander Blake and comprised of outstanding vocalists, Tonality is committed to performing multicultural music, connecting people through song and promoting peace. “
— Award winning LA-based composer, Dr. Morten Lauridsen